Forsooth, Our Most Wondrous Entertainers

Epona Equestrian Team

Bringing  jousting, sword fighting exhibitions and medieval equestrian skill at arms, to audiences across the northwest!                                                                                                                                                                      

Rebel Tymes

Over 20 years of RenFaire experience in  this high energy Irish & Scottish rebel songs & tunes band

Over 20 years of RenFaire experience in  this high energy Irish & Scottish rebel songs & tunes band.

Zoupa de Zonia

A not so traditional Commedia del Arte, the hilarity of the unexpected and a smattering of daring sword combat. 

Back Porch Fiddlers

Old Time Fiddle group based in the Inland Northwest. 

Shire of Pendale

 Our local Chapter of the SCA.  The Society for Creative Anachronism is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. 


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Wild Hearts Equestrian Team

Matthew Van Zee

Magician Extraordinaire! 


Friendly, and awe-inspiring fun! 

Hawke Morrow

The Bedlam Bard with songs of mirth and joy.  

Josh the Juggler

Juggling and Fire Eating.  Danger! Danger!   (we just need a wee bit of rain)

Sapphire's Moon Belly Dance

A Cabaret, American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion

Two in Time


Music of the Rennaissance performed on typical instruments of the time such as Viola da mano, Cross-strung Harp, Portative Pipe Organ, Gemshorn, Krummhorn, Recorder, Viola da gamba etc.

Desire & Fiddlin' Red

Gentle sounds of the guitar, hammer dulicmer, fiddle & Irish drum. 

Medieval Karate

Goshin Jutsu Karate that is delightful and powerfully entertaining. 

Azul Fire

Sisters in Dance   

AZUL DANCE will be joined by Romona Dawn of ANAIL Dance from Canada

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