Sandpoint Renaissance Faire

Sandpoint Renaissance Faire

Our 2019 Merchants


Wares and Goods

  • Lorraine Fire Artwork & Cosplay
  • Hammer and Twisted
  • KD Steampunk
  • Epona Armory
  • The Four Farthings
  • The Thistle Cottage
  • La Vita Bella Olive Oil
  • Lady Rebecca's Scriptorium
  • Gia's Traditions
  • Velents Forge
  • Owlery Wand Shoppe
  • Sign of the Two Tailors
  • Antiquis Henna
  • Battle Axe-a-Knight
  • Bockemuehl Jewelers
  • Fairys & Flutterbys
  • Valkyrie Soapworks and Cladas
  • Spokane Face Painting
  • Phoenix Works
  • Gypsy Courtiers
  • Howlin Moon Forge
  • Flagon Hurl
  • Off the Wagon
  • Full Moon Tradesman
  • Weeping Willow Pottery

Good Eats and Sweets

  • Scott's Kettle Korn & More
  • Big Belly Pork Daddy's
  • Compass Grille
  • CJ's Roasting 
  • Sno Cap Cones
  • Bombshell Sweets
  • Vietnam Vet Ale House

Greetings Merchants

Thou Shalt Find None Finer in the Realm


Our merchants, are an integral part of our Faire.  We need your inspiration, assistance and energy to help us to create, ignite and foster the creativity and curiosity of our community through a lively, enlightening, entertaining experience in a renaissance themed environment.  Huzzah! If you desire to participate please read the information below.  Then if you are up to the challenge, please email us for our contracts.


 Products sold, displayed, or distributed should be appropriate for either the Medieval or Renaissance era (@ 600 AD- @ 1600AD) and for a family event. Modern items and fixtures are to be removed or disguised during public hours of the Faire. Suggestions are to cover with cloth, garland, and/or burlap. No plastic covering, overt modern displays, or fluorescent colors are to be visible to patrons .

 Merchants and their helpers, in appropriate garb, must be ready for business by 10 am and your space continuously staffed until 6:00 pm on both days .  Set-up may begin as early as noon on Friday, August 30th, 2019.  Take-down may begin 6:00 pm on Sunday the 1st and yet must be completed by noon on Monday, September 2nd, 2019.

Thy Patronage is Most Appreciated



Merchants are responsible for keeping track and paying their sales tax. Merchants are responsible for acquiring any permits and/or insurances that are required. Liability insurance naming Sandpoint Renaissance Association and our hosts will also be required. 




Prithee Contact High Steward with Queries

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Labor Day Weekend

Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday    10 am to 6 pm 

Sandpoint Renaissance Faire

PO Box 2541 Sandpoint,ID 83805